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Exosome Market Dynamics Report (Part II) Published by GEN; Deep Analysis of Molecular Entities Associated with Exosomes

“Exosome Market Dynamics, Part 2” produced by Select Biosciences was published on July 9, 2015 by Genetic Engineering & Technology News (GEN). Authored by Gary Oosta, Ph.D., and Enal Razvi, Ph.D., this report represents the second of a series of three reports on the exosome marketplace that GEN plans on publishing. This second report is the Select Biosciences in-depth analysis of the association of various molecular entities — genetic elements, small RNA species (microRNAs), as well as traditional cancer protein biomarkers — with exosomes. These emerging associations are important because they provide an opportunity to explore the biomarker potential of exosomes and the potential deployment in the future of exosomes as circulating biomarkers class for biofluid/liquid biopsy development. According to GEN’s announcement of this second report, the key takeaways from the data and analysis presented are that there are very specific associations of molecular species with exosomes — indeed these are merely research associations and do not represent bona fide biomarkers because these research associations need to be validated across clinical samples in many studies for their potential utility as biomarkers to be harvested. With regard to the authors, Gary M. Oosta holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.A. in Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University He has 25 years of industrial research experience in various technology areas including medical diagnostics, thin-layer coating, bio-effects of electromagnetic radiation, and blood coagulation. Dr. Oosta has authored 20 technical publications and is an inventor on 77 patents worldwide. In addition, he has managed research groups that were responsible for many other patented innovations. Dr. Oosta has a long-standing interest in using patents and publications as strategic technology indicators for future technology selection and new product development. Enal Razvi, Ph.D., conducted his doctoral work on viral immunology and, subsequent to receiving his Ph.D., went on to the Rockefeller University in New York to serve as Aaron Diamond Post-Doctoral fellow under Professor Ralph Steinman (Nobel Prize Winner in 2011 for his discovery of dendritic cells in the early-70s with Dr. Zanvil Cohn). Subsequently, Dr. Razvi completed his research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. For the last two decades Dr. Razvi has worked with small and large companies and consulted for more than 100 clients worldwide. He currently serves as Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director of SelectBio U.S. GEN announced that the third report in this series, to be published in July 2015, will present the documented studies/associations of exosomes in specific disease classes thereby illustrating the potential utility of exosomes in the potential diagnostics (or even therapeutics) development in these various disease spaces. Note that the full second report is available at the link provided below.

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