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37,000 Attendees Finish Up 3-Day American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Annual MeetingII (June 22-24); All Meeting Presentations, Abstracts, and Other Materials Available Online Until September 23

[What follows is a brief report by BioQuick News Editor & Publisher Mike O’Neill on his experience virtually attending the live portion of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2020 Virtual Meeting II, with live sessions taking place July 22-24.] I just finished virtually attending much of the AACR Virtual Annual Mtg II (Mon-Wed, June 22-24). I even got in a few questions, including one on exosomes (see question at end of this note). The meeting had 37,000 registered attendees from 127 countries. Virtual attendees were rewarded with an incredible conference that included an opening day address by Nobel Prize winner Phillip Sharp and a closing day talk by a possible future Nobelist, NIH Director and former Genome Project leader Francis Collins. In his talk, Sharp mentioned that early in his career he had been recruited from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to MIT by Salvador Luria and David Baltimore. That put three future Nobelists in one lab. Not too bad. Collins described a number of COVID-19 efforts that are being undertaken currently by the NIH. His address from his NIH office was given in one of three COVID-19 sessions the AACR offered during this exceptional meeting. In his closing remarks, new AACR President Antoni Ribas noted that this fantastic meeting featured over 600 speakers, 125 sessions, 14 concurrent channels, and over 4,000 abstracts. All the meeting material will be available online to current and future registrants (registration is free) until September 23. Outgoing AACR President Elaine Mardis expressed her profound gratitude to everyone involved in the conference, including the major sponsor Daiichi-Sankyo, which had made it possible to offer the conference for free to registrants. Not bad for a conference that was surely worth its weight in gold. The exosome question I asked came during a presentation on "Implications of Finding Bacteria in Pancreatic Tumors" in Wednesday's session on "The Microbiome As a Regulator of the Immune Tumor Microenvironment." I asked if cross-talk between the microbiome and the pancreatic tumor could possibly be effected by exosomes. The speaker said that was a good question and would likely be looked into, but they had not done that yet. I am hoping a few more people may now have heard about exosomes. You can still register for this AACR meeting and that will gain you access to the entirety of the meeting materials, including the over 600 presentations with audio and accompanying slides. You can find the AACR meeting web site at


The live portion of the AACR 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting II ended Wednesday, June 24, but all meeting materials (including over 4,000 abstracts and on-demand videos of all presentations by the over 600 speakers) will be available online to current and future registrants (registration is free) until September 23. The number of registrants for the three-day live session of the virtual meeting was 37,000, topping, by far, the previous record for live in-person attendance, which was 22,500, when the AACR annual meeting was held in Chicago in 2018. The AACR has over 47,000 members. You can still register for this virtual AACR meeting and that registration will gain you access to the entirety of the meeting sessions, abstracts, etc. You can register at the AACR meeting web site at

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